Francesco Strazzullo

I'm a J2EE software architect, I usually work on applications built with the Spring+Hibernate+JSF 2.X+Primefaces Stack. I'm the lead architect of JAF (Java Apra Framework): a RAD framework used to create enteprise web application. Recently I'm working on AngularJS applications. I also deal with Business Process Management using the BPM Engine Activiti.
I'm also a Collaborator in the PrimeFaces extensions project.

Luca Cardinali

I have a degree in Informatics and I'm Software Developer and Technical Analyst, I'm specialized mainly in web based systems with J2EE technology (usually the Spring+Hibernate+JSF 2.X+Primefaces Stack). Recently I started to work with Alfresco (Document management system) to integrate it in a J2EE web base application and with Ionic/AngularJs for mobile Web Apps.